International Internet Marketing

International Internet Marketing (外貿整合營銷方案)

We understand the B2B and B2C online marketplace, and most importantly, how your potential customers, engineers or industrial buyers are utilizing the internet more today than ever to search for new suppliers and partners.

A website cannot be successful without being found by your potential customers. Finding the right, converting visitors for your website requires a multi-channel, strategic integrated marketing approach as there is not a single, specific place your visitors are online and not a single, specific phrase your visitors use when performing a search. Consider your own search behavior when shopping for a product or service: a search method is unique to an individual and continues to evolve over time.

A basic search query includes (1) typing in a phrase that will provide you with results that will get you closer to finding what you need (2) refining that phrase to hone in the most relevant results. Keyword modifiers are added to general search queries to further drill down to relevant results. The modifiers can be based on geography, application (residential or commercial), size, style and brand. Not only are results based on these modifiers, they are also based on the location where someone is searching and what method they are using to search. A search results page of someone located in Houston will look different than someone located in Dallas. Some users may use Bing, Google, AOL, a directory, a shopping site, a mobile device or a desktop as their perferred search method.


Building an integrated marketing strategy consists of:

Establishing Business Goals

Competitive Analysis

Identifying Marketing Channels that Fit Within Your Budget

Implementing Software that Will Aide in Identifying ROI

Continual Channel Refinement

The key for you to be found on the web is to understand how your product or service is being sourced. We can always count on searchers having their own unique way of searching. Therefore, crafting a integrated strategy to include multiple device targeting, many relevant search phrases, and key search engines/directories is an integral piece of attaining your business goals.

Marketing strategy

Besides, we know that just as no two companies are identical, no two web marketing campaigns should be the same. We understand the needs of an industrial or B2B integrated strategy may differ from a B2C or non-profit marketing strategy. That’s why each of our customers is assigned a team of internet marketers dedicated to that specific project. We’ll make the process easy for you. We conduct the competitive analysis and provide you with channel suggestions to fit your budget. By working closely with you, our team will develop the customized integrated marketing strategy that will assist with conversions, sales and growth of your business.

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