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Price-Optimizer of Display Banner, Fragmentation-Optimizer of Social Media Ads, Conversion-Optimizer of Search Engine Marketing


AdTactics has developed strong partnerships with over ten largest worldwide display banner networks, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, AdClick Media, AdRoll, BuySellAds, etc., and not to mention our own AdTactics Banner Network. Generally speaking, all banners in one well-known website are distributed into several banner networks in around 60% of total and direct-buy in around 40%. Since we have brought huge amount of banner ads in thousands of popular websites from our partner networks in a relatively lower price, all banner ads in a website can be mutually compared and even exchanged. Hence, through our coordination and management, we will select the most inexpensive banner ads in a website to place the ads of our client, and more importantly, the marketing campaign will be more cost-effective. In our experience, Price-Optimization will lower the cost of display banner ads campaign over 30%. 


Fragmentation-Optimizer is our biggest advantage in conducting the Social Media Marketing Campaign. We will divide client’s target audience into different sub-groups, which are based on age, interest, demographical, behavioral and psychographic data in social media platforms. Through analyzing the marketing performance, especially for the click-through-rate and view-through-rate of each sub-group, those sub-groups with higher performance will be further targeted and more budgets will be allocated to the corresponding sub-groups. Therefore, By using this optimization technology, the budget will be allocated more efficiently and eventually the performance of Social Media Marketing Campaign must be enhanced by at least 30%. 


The goal of Conversion-Optimizer is to get our client the most conversions given the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) goals. Rather than focusing on clicks (CPC) or impressions (CPM), Conversion-Optimizer focuses on maximizing conversions. We will set either a maximum cost-per-acquisition (max. CPA), which is the most our client is willing to pay for each conversion, or a target cost-per-acquisition (target CPA), which is the average amount our client would like to pay for a conversion, and then focus either on conversions or converted clicks depending on the conversion bid metric. Using historical information about a running search engine marketing campaign, our program will automatically find the optimal equivalent CPC bid for our client’s ad each time it's eligible to appear. Therefore, the bid will be adjusted based on the circumstance that the keyword ad has a higher chance to get conversion. 

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